King of Tokyo: Board Games for 10 Year Olds

King of Tokyo is a fun, fast paced game that we enjoy having our on shelf and it also a great game for social skills development for 10 year olds.

And these same social skills can also be developed in players of all ages!

Here are some social skills that this game helps to develop:

  1. Taking turns: Players will learn how to take turns when playing the game, which is an important social skill.
  2. Patience: Each time it is another player’s turn, this teaches other players to wait for their next turn.
  3. Communication: In this game, communication occurs throughout the various stages from working out a strategy with another player to defeat a common enemy or some good ol’ fun loving (and not mean) trash-talking, such as, “Alienoid is going to totally smash Gigazaur!”
  4. Sportsmanship: Notice the game is called KING of Tokyo, not “KINGS”, meaning there will only be ONE winner. This mechanic teaches players how to win and lose, gracefully, and remember, there can always be a rematch!
  5. Strategic thinking: Personal strategy as well as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” strategy development can unfold and helps players with problem solving and a bit of negotiation.
  6. Empathy: By playing the game and putting themselves in the shoes of the monsters they are playing, children can develop empathy for others.
  7. Decision-making: All of the strategy in the world won’t help until a decision is made, such as attack, or defend. This game is full of opportune moments in which to develop this valuable skill, and quickly.
  8. Negotiation: When playing with more than 2 players, negotiation skills come in handy to decide if a temporary truce and alliance might be made to take out the current monster within Tokyo City.
  9. Adaptability: With each battle comes the need to develop the skill to adapt to the situation that just occurred and what situations might be about to occur as well. For example, one monster might cause another monster to want to leave Tokyo City, and this can force a previously made strategy to be re-examined before the next round.
  10. Socialization: It would be an odd game if King of Tokyo was played in silence, and why would anyone do that when there are lots of opportunities to socialize, make monster sounds, declare victories, and more! This game leaves plenty of opportunity for good socialization skills to develop.

King of Tokyo is a great board game for 10 year olds and all ages above 8 according to the box and our experience : )

Dice Board Games: Dice City

A roll of the dice can change everything in this fun dice board game of strategy to build the best city in the land.

And why build the best city? So that it can become the new capital of the Kingdom of Rolldovia by decree of the Queen. That kingdom’s history includes a former capital that was ransacked by bandits and now it is up to you to gain the most victory points in order to be recognized by the Queen.

And this is achieved by simply managing your resources, constructing buildings, and even building your army as needed, so that your city shines brighter than your competition’s.

What will YOUR Dice City be like?

Star Wars Clue: A Space Board Game

Looking for a different spin on the classic game of Clue? Check out the Star Wars version, making the classic version now become a space board game!

In the Star Wars Clue space board game, your detective skills must remain sharp to figure out three important things:

  1. What planet is Darth Vader planning to destroy next?
  2. What room on the Death Star has the plans?
  3. How will you escape the Death Star once you have discovered the above 2 items?
C-3PO shown with the winning guess from our last game: Darth Vader plans to destroy Tatooine, the plans of the Death Star are in the Docking Bay, and the escape method is the Y-Wing

We really love the 3 dimensional aspect of this game shown below:

Characters in the game are:

  1. Princess Leia
  2. Chewbacca
  3. Han Solo
  4. Luke Skywalker
  5. C-3PO
  6. R2-D2 (my favorite!)
Characters to choose from in Star Wars Clue

Flatline: A Space Board Game Emergency!


This is the sound of an emergency room…on your space ship…in outer space!

Flatline is the sequel to the ever popular space board game/space dice game Fuse! For the explosives you weren’t able to defuse in Fuse, you now must tend to the aftermath of those explosions on your ship in the form of an Emergency Room team!

In this cooperative game, take a look at the carnage, make a plan, start the 1 minute timer, roll the dice and do your best to save as many patients as you can each round.

Just like its predecessor, Fuse, Flatline is intense and requires quick decision making skills to save as many of your crew as you can within the amount of energy your ship has, and with the resources you and your Emergency Room crew have at their disposal.

We love the fast paced action of this game, and its dice rolling mechanic as well.

Emergency room layout which has changing resources each round to make this a fun high energy game for all ages