Dice Board Games: Dice City

A roll of the dice can change everything in this fun dice board game of strategy to build the best city in the land.

And why build the best city? So that it can become the new capital of the Kingdom of Rolldovia by decree of the Queen. That kingdom’s history includes a former capital that was ransacked by bandits and now it is up to you to gain the most victory points in order to be recognized by the Queen.

And this is achieved by simply managing your resources, constructing buildings, and even building your army as needed, so that your city shines brighter than your competition’s.

What will YOUR Dice City be like?

Dice Games: Go Nuts!

The things we really like about dice games is that they are usually quick plays and can also be a good warm-up game before diving in deeper to a more involved board game.

Who doesn’t love a face paced game where each roll of the dice leads to victory…or defeat?!

“Go Nuts!”, by Gamewright Games, will not disappoint, and is fun for all ages due to its simplicity. Gamewright is one of our favorite game publishers and we’ll have to do a post just about our collection here soon to show our true fandom, right?

Roll the dice to see how many acorns you can get, but any cars you roll get taken away, and then if you roll only squirrels, you shout “Go Nuts!” and competing players role their “dog die” until it lands on the dog, not the dog house, and they shout, “Woof Woof!” and at the same time, the person who just rolled all squirrels is now starting from zero to see how many acorns they can roll before the shout of “Woof Woof!” is heard.

It’s lots of fun and easy to play!